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Masterbatch Advantages


ATO masterbatch now is more and more widely use to replace ATO powder. To compare with powder type, masterbatch has mainly advantages on environmental protection, producing processing and cost saving. So that we believe masterbatch will be the trend in future on plastic compound application.


To compare with powder type, masterbatch advantages as below


1. Easy using, handling and disposal.


2. It is totally dust-free product to keep workshop, facilities clean.


3. It will protect the operation workers apart from dust inhalation to cause any healthy problems.


4. ATO masterbatch will be no loss compare with powder on the air and bag remain as well as human operation loss..


5. More accuracy on calculating and the formulation and compound.


6. Better dispersion and flowability since the pre-mix of ATO and plastic resins.


7. ATO masterbatch will not regarded as toxic chemical in some countries compare with ATO powder as toxic chemical.


Therefore, as for consideration of environment factor and cost factor, masterbatch can be the development trend.


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