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ATO Masterbatch Introduction


SHINY is now focusing on ATO masterbatch research and producing. The ATO masterbatch is mixed by plastic resin and ATO through extruder and cutting to granule shape.The size is around 3-6mm. We have two twin-screw extruders with water and dry cooling systems technologies.  


We can make different types of ATO masterbatch with different plastic resins as carriers.

Therefore, the melting points and gravities are different.

As for we are more and more involve in ATO masterbatch demands from customers, we are aiming to make tailor-made for different customers’ requests.


The different carriers can be PE, PP, EVA, PVC, PA, PBT, PS and even thermol elastomer. The ATO content can be from 70-90% based on different carriers.


The traditional ATO powder develop for past decades, as one of the main producer, we deeply witness and aware the downstream plastic compound development.

The consideration of ATO masterbatch to replace ATO powder is mainly because of the environmental factor, human protection factor, cost consideration as well as plastic compound technology requirement.


Therefore, SHINY is catching the opportunity to research and develop ATO masterbatch market and products by clearly realize the future demand from customers.


We welcome you to communicate on ATO masterbatch businesses !


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